Can I learn to Mind Map if I can’t draw?

I don’t know how many thousands of students Tony and I have trained down through the years .. but what I do know is that there is rarely a training day that goes past when an adult doesn’t approach us to whisper rather conspiratorially “I love Mind Maps .. but they are not for me because I can’t draw!

The joy is that when Tony first started to develop Mind Maps he was also convinced that he couldn’t draw. When he was convinced to start adding in colour and images into his Mind Maps he quickly began to realise how important acquiring some rudimentary drawing skills were.

The good new is that if you can draw an arrow, a heart and a smiley face .. you really have enough simple images to be able to Mind Map.

Don’t let the fear of drawing exclude you from the power of using Mind Maps .. but don’t listen to me, listen to the Master himself!

Elaine X

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