How do you get unstuck!


So my question today is, how  do I cope on those days where you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with everything in your business and your life? Those days when you look at your To-Do list and you are in a state of paralysis because you have no idea how to proceed, and we all get there!

There’s nobody in business, there’s nobody in life that hasn’t got up one morning and just felt the need to crawl back under the duvet and ignore the day because they really don’t know how to proceed.

So on days like that, I’ve got a strategy that really works for me. I put my phone to voicemail, I lay it on my desk, I pull on my walking boots and I go out for a “Thinking Walk”. I take to the streets and to the local countryside for an hour, an hour and a half. with nothing with me, but my thoughts and the ability to relax, de-stress and ponder the issues that I have.

Now, during that walk, it becomes very, very apparent what the most important issues are. You kind of sift through all the clutter and you realize that there are probably two or three really big issues that you do need to deal with. But being out  in the air, being out in nature, gives you the wonderful ability to sift through all of that and to come back into your office full to the of brim ideas of the simplest, easiest, most elegant and most profitable solution to your top two, or three challenges that you have.

When I come back into the office, I immediately hop onto a sheet of Mind Mapping paper, and I Mind Map all the ideas that I had when I was walking, because a lot of those ideas I’ll be able to come back to later and I’m going to make a point to make sure that I’ve recorded them so that I can flip back.

I then make myself a big glass of water and I jump straight in. right on to my biggest challenge. I’m really with Brian Tracy here, you should really go and “Eat That Frog” you should really go and do the biggest thing first get that over and done with. I set my alarm for 20 minutes, and I’ll do 20 minutes focus on that issue and not move until I’d make 20 minutes progress. I’ll then take a break. And all of this time My phone is still off. I’ve still not looked at any email. I’ll take a five-minute break and I’ll come back and I’ll work another 20 minutes if I need to on the issue until I made sure that I’ve knocked out that first issue.

It’s at that point that I’ll stop. I’ll connect again with the world I’ll turn my phone back on or have a look at my daily email to see if there’s anything truly urgent. Usually there’s not, usually the inbox is just you being at somebody else’s beck and call.

So my solution for those days where you feel completely overwhelmed and have complete paralysis and don’t know where to go, what to do, get your shoes on, get out, take a walk, some fresh air, a little bit of nature, nothing to disturb you and just walk with the intention of coming back with a solution to your top two, or three challenges that you have in your business and in your life.

There’s nothing like a walk for getting a little bit of perspective. So that’s my hint for the day. A solution that I often use is “Get up, Get out, Walk your way to solution” for all those challenges.

So what strategy do you use when you get to that point in life where you just can’t move forwards?

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