5 Day: Creating Family Genius Challenge August 3





By The End of This Challenge You Will Learn

  • How your Brain naturally loves to learn and how you can maximise it’s natural processes and rhythms
  • How your family can learn so much more – by working so much less!
  • How the secret to great memory is rooted in images and imagination – so by how understanding how Mind Maps work fully your family can be at an advantage when it comes to exams, studying, and in the workplace.
  • How to make Learning fun again – how to engage those who find it all “too much like hard work”

I am so excited to be doing this with you, to share all the hints and tips I have developed over so many years of coaching students of all ages to first of all understand how their brains work and then how to achieve so many goals that they have set themselves. When you see what is possible for your family you are going to be so happy that you chose to join me!

To all your family’s future success

Elaine Colliar (The Mind Mapping Expert)






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