My Job is not to convince you

… I am not a second-hand car salesman! – it’s not my job to convince everyone on the planet that being mentally literate and able to use Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading effectively can literally change your life forever!


But how to narrow down your niche – right?

There is a tendency at the beginning of every new venture to say “Yes” to every new opportunity that comes across your desk, to see every contact that is made as a potential client and fantastic future relationships. And whilst undoubtedly I have been tickled pink at the people who have connected with me over the last few days, people from the past, trainers from other professions I was struggling really to nail down EXACTLY who my “Who?” actually are.

I was looking for the positives of who these people are and instead of nailing it I had a rather half-arsed, wishy-washy list of feel-good platitudes that didn’t really help me any.

Then I received a DM ….. and I had such a visceral reaction to the message that it stopped me in my tracks, made me sit down with a virgin piece of paper, and unpack what was going on with my emotions.  I have always found that my pattern is to defray doing a task that seems to not flow easily until reason leaves the room and emotion steps in to slap me about the face. I have learned that when this happens it time to sit down, be silent, and listen to the real message instead of reacting in the moment and firing off a snarky response that burns bridges and serves no-one.

So I did .. .and bless the guy who DM’d me an hour ago.   I no longer think that you are the biggest dick on the planet .. but instead that maybe you were an Angel sent instead to bring me a very important message.

As I relate this message – and my response to it, understand that I am just sharing the flow of my emotions through this process. You may read this and think “What a horrible person” to think these thoughts and my only defence is that these thoughts were a catalyst to me discovering something pretty amazing and I believe in taking time between thought and action can often save us from making regrettable choices.

He said:

What  does it mean World Champion?

I don’t get it M’am!

What are you doing exactly and how can it help me in my profession?


You see the words as I read them back now have very little emotion attached them. Just an Indian Lawyer reaching out and asking for clarification .. right?

Only the first time I read it .. it read very differently?


What  I read was:


Oh! A DM from a professional – and Indian Lawyer

“What  does it mean World Champion?”

Mmmm! A lawyer that doesn’t understand the words “world champion” ????  Really? here let me google that for you!

“I don’t get it M’am!”

M’am – oh I freaking hate being called M’am – so patronising!

“What are you doing exactly and how can it help me in my profession?”

Frankly nothing my friend! If you can’t do a simple google search on “World Champion”, “Mind Mapping” or my name (Seriously guys when you put in my name I have the whole front page of Google) then there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you …….

wait …

what? …..

#hang on ……..

Overreact much Elaine?


Screeches to a halt!

Yeah! I was answering questions that he hadn’t really asked .. but my “gut reaction” was pretty telling and helped me clarify my who such a lot.


My unpack goes like this:

“What  does it mean World Champion?”

I only want to work with people who understand or have had the experience of the offering I am making to coach Mind Mapping and Mental Literacy at the very highest level.  I am not a teacher for beginners I am a coach for high performance, high impact individuals who want to achieve ambitious goals in an elegantly effective way.

These people respect work, respect achieving goals, respect that you can work tirelessly in obscurity for a season before exploding with a signature piece of work that is literally life-changing for those who work with them. They respect achievement .. but they respect action and commitment even more.

They understand that as someone at the very top of my profession I can decide to work with those that are similarly driven. ambitious and desirous of success.

They respect that I have achieved much in my profession and that in turn I will treat them with the utmost respect. They desire to work with a “World Champion” because they too seek to be the very best in the world in their own chosen niches. Success leaves clues .. they are open to uncovering more and having insights as to how to bring the very best into their lives.

Now – THAT is beginning to get clear on who my “Who” might just be!

“I don’t get it M’am!”

I know, I know! Before you jump all over me I totally get that in India the “M’am” thing is a mark of respect for a “teacher” or “professional” .. or frankly any woman older than you are! (NOTE – believe me guys I am much older than I look LOL)

It’s just in my country – it’s not so much a mark of respect as a patronising term…. and he was asking me to clarify for him something he had done no background research  on!

What this revealed to me was:

I want to work with people who are response-able .. who take responsibility for their own research and their own learning. Who hop online or utilise their own resources to find answers and solutions.

They are swift to collect information, creative in its analysis, and deploy quickly, fearlessly, and effectively. They make decisions fast and change tacks slowly. They commit fully to projects and are 100% in on learning the new skills that can take them from excellence to mastery.

They are self-starters, entrepreneurs who will look to everything as an opportunity to discover more and innovate swiftly. They love communication – but it’s tightly focused, results-driven and time-bound.

They respect that their time is important – that once gone it can never be recaptured. they do not presume on other people’s time unless they have exhausted all their own resources in seeking a solution.

“What are you doing exactly and how can it help me in my profession?”

Oh here is the doozie for me! Because in reality the acquisition of the skills of Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading are transformative in legal professionals!

If he was in a season in his life where his ambition, drive, courage was matched with a heart open to being coached, mentored and supported through transition – he could have an amazing, dazzling career.

But I can’t do anything FOR him! 

He can only do it for himself!

I am not here to sell him on the benefits of Mental Literacy for Legal Professionals and convince him that this is something he should do. My friends….  I  have an ex-Boyfriend who is a High-Court Judge  … I see daily what the results are for people in his profession who have these skills and its amazing.

But I didn’t do it FOR him .. he did it for himself, he invested his precious time, his money and his focus in acquiring a set of skills that set him apart from his peers, set him at the top of his classes, set him at the top of the list of chambers and now at the top of his profession and all the benefits that bestows.

And do you know what?


I want to work with more people JUST LIKE HIM!

Not necessarily legal professionals, but those who look on being coached by the best leads to the very best outcomes in their own lives. The very best in all sorts of fields!

And I want to work with other trainers who are going to real enough to say the same! Who are going to take a season to share my expertise and to go out and change the lives of amazingly focused people by themselves.  To build a group of people to take Tony Buzan’s legacy forward in astounding ways would be a labour of love for me indeed!

Now – that is A WHO that makes me excited to get up and get to work in the morning! 


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