Mind Maps that Motivate!

Mind Maps that motivate have been the favourite tools that are created during our personal group coaching sessions. A Mind Map that that encapsulates all of the dreams and goals that you have as a person in business, in your personal life and around your family has proven to be one of the most powerful catalysts to getting people to take action that I have ever experienced.

People often talk about how Mind Maps help them to go very wide in a specific subject matter – to look at things in a holistic 30,000 ft viewpoint. Taking an overview of a massive chunk of information and see the patterns, the connections and the genius moments of clarity.

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In business they are more and more accepted at the Number One Tool that engages creativity and gives business the cutting edge to be more efficient, to work with more precision, identify lucrative niches and find revenue leaks …. and to get teams to take massive action!

Absolutely they are ..

But they are also …

A tool that enables you to go an “inch wide and a mile deep” when it comes to forensically inspecting an issue, a blockage point, a problem or issue that you want to find a solution for.

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So a Mind Map can be used not only to take a snapshot of your goals but also to drill down so deep into those goals that they move from being “pipe-dreams” to “action plans” and after all, only goals that get worked on get achieved!

So in my group coaching, I introduce Mind Maps in a two-phase approach.

The first is to Mind Map your goals in all aspects of your life .. remembering, of course, that to be a raving success in business but to have children that don’t remember your name is probably not going to be counted as a great success on the cosmic scoreboard!  To go very wide in all aspects of your life – to really dream big and create a massively compelling Mind Maps full of really cool things to be/do/have that excite you and get you motivated to move forward.

I then persuade our coaching clients to pin this up where it will sit in their eye line on a daily basis .. in fact .. my Motivation Mind Map is pinned up on the wall above my desk where I can peruse it every day when on calls when taking a break, when looking for the energy to complete just “one more chapter of this darn book I am editing”

Seeing all the cool things you are working towards is a quick and easy way to keep you on track during those long, gloomy, rainy Wednesdays!

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The more you focus on the wonderful feeling of achieving all of these goals the more you programme your brain to accept that “dream” as an actual future reality and you become attuned to the people, places, and opportunities that arise every day that can help move you there even swifter.

The second phase is in pulling apart each goal and Mind Mapping it in great detail – looking at why you want the goal? What emotional need does it fill? Is it really the “thing” or the “feeling” I want? What colour is it? What model? Can I “test drive” the dream? Can I talk to someone who has done this? Can I find a mentor? and most importantly “What are my first steps?”

So many times we lose our motivation in moving forward in a goal because we feel overwhelmed, or don’t know the next step to take, or feel there is too much to do, or begin to second guess our decision to pursue the goal as we are unclear as to our motivations.

Having these granular Mind Maps created immediately after setting a goal is an amazing way to keep people on track to creating the most compelling future they have in mind. Whilst you are still buzzing about the possibility of crashing straight through the boundaries of your limiting beliefs and creating this amazing new exciting future .. you take some of that energy and turn it into the roadmap of how to get there!

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You see motivation doesn’t magically fall out of the air and sprinkle you with motivation dust as you sit at your desk … instead, it comes from being in motion, moving towards your goal in incremental steps every day -and for that, you need a plan!

So if you are feeling “stuck” .. feeling “unmotivated” or unsure of where you are heading in life during all this craziness. Why not dive in with some coloured pens and blank paper and Mind Map yourself a more compelling, engaged and exciting future?

And if you’d like to hang out with me on a more daily basis .. why not hop over and ask to join The Mind Mapping Expert’s private Facebook Group – chock full of people who love Mind Maps and how they can impact your life.


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