Goals – “All at once” or “One at a time”?


Sure – I am your coach! I understand the value of great quality coaching in my life .. in the financial sense as well as in the “saving your sanity sense” .. and that means that I also invest heavily in time and money to make sure I work with some of the very best coaches that I can too!

This week – one of my coaches leaned heavily into the camera and asked:


“What is the one project that if you executed it flawlessly would change the game for you within your organisation and within your market place?


Oh My!

I mean it’s a question that I have seen floating around for years on the coaching scene and because I have seen it so often I have kind of skirted on past that thinking “Yeah! Yeah! I know – Girl has gotta have a goal!”

But the question kept running through and through my head all that day and after dinner, with my kids, I came back to my desk to revisit it and seek the wisdom that was surely lurking within these deceptively simple words.

And I scribbled them in my daybook and I really looked at them.

And I looked .. and I pondered .. where is the wisdom?

And like one of those “Magic Eye” pictures it suddenly became very clear …… VERY clear indeed!

The message in this question is not that you should have goals – or even that you should be working towards them … but instead, the message is in the micro phrase “one project”


The wisdom is in the magic of not only getting clear on what your “One Thing” should be but getting really focused on achieving that one thing that will make the biggest difference to your desired outcome to exclusion of any other “shiny thing” that happens to scamper into your eye line.

It’s a message that I particularly needed to hear today as I  was talking to my coaches about all the stuff I “could” do in my career .. and of course, I presented them with a beautifully constructed Mind Map to proudly share how many skills, how many ideas, how many assets, how many opportunities their mentee has to play with.

And I do – there are so many things I “could” do .. the real, the valuable, the highly /leveraged question though is what “should” I do?

“Could” and “Should” lead you to two very different outcomes over time! …… and where do I want to be in a year’s time?

COULD – just leads me down the route of procrastination .. too much choice leads to not very much getting done!

SHOULD – creates purpose, the direction a timeline, momentum, and movement!


I know where I would rather be – so how to get there?

A Mind Map of course – one to capture all the “ideas” all the “shiny new things” .. all the “look a squirrel” moments … this is my “Get Around to It” Mind Map. A place to record all those moments of “Ooh! Wouldn’t that be cool”? It’s a safe place to record in ink those great ideas that I come across over the next year so that I can come back and look at them when I have accomplished my “One Thing” ….. maybe one of them will be my next “One Thing”

But for now, it’s about focus, laser vision, and consistent daily movement towards that bright and exciting future that I know is ahead of me if I don’t get dragged off track.

Goals this year are going to be short, focused, and of course, TOTALLY CRUSHED before I move onto the next one. The time for juggling too many balls for too many people is totally over .. now its time for me to shine and I will do that one glorious successful accomplished goal after another!

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