Mind Maps to help you find focus in a distracted world!

Mind Maps to help you find focus in a distracted world? Is that possible?

I used to think that I was the supreme Mummy Multi-taster .. that as a Mum I somehow had the innate ability to juggle a zillion things and get them achieved and still have dinner on the table.

Which for a season in my life was a very useful thing to be. When you are have toddlers in the house he ability to keep up with their contstant movement, their gnat fly attention spans and their constant mood swings is pretty useful.

But .. no more toddlers in my house – and despite some peripheral evidence to the contrary the people who work with me on my coaching programmes are actual bona-fida grown ups!

The way my toddlers trained me to react years ago transfers into business habits of procrastination, of unfinished tasks, of tackling things at a superficial level and never revealing the deep, meaningful work that you suspect that you are able to deliver “if I only had the time”

The reality is .. we all have the same amount of time!

We just don’t have the same amount of focus!

And focus is hard to find in a distracted world!

After all:

“You can’t achieve big things when you are distracted by the small”

Our addiction ( and I believe it is an addiction) to proclaiming to the world how “Busy we are” does not serve us well.

We are not “busy” – but  we are distracted by the small things that congregate and overwhelm us .. press for our attention and keep us from the important work . The work you should be known for ,, the work that the world is waiting for you to unveil.

When you reach that point of “overwhelm” , pause, take stock .. record the “millions of things you have to do” on a Mind Map to get a clear, authentic reality check of all the tasks that you feel are so important that they would keep you from your lives work!

Do they really? Should they really?  Will they really?

Wil you put off designing that breakthrough project; that stunning sales pipeline; that bestselling book outline .. becasue you have to do laundry and take out the bins?

Sweetie .. if you allow “life-crap” like that to pull you from your purpose you and I really need to hang out a while and get you some more compelling goals to aim for!

“What if your phone is costing you your fortune?

BREATHE!!! I am not saying you should get rid of your phone ,, in fact, this week my computer is at the shop being fixed so I am “hunting and pecking” this blog post out on a smart phone myself.

What I am saying is .. your phone has got your very well trained, trained EXACTLY like Pavlovs dogs!  Every time you get a ping of a notification, every time your check your Instagram and see how many hearts you have, every time your facebook post gets traction and a real discussion breaks out in a stream of inanities, abusive snarks and memes .. you get a instant hit of dopamine.

Yup – you are addicted to distraction .. because every time you get distracted by your phone your brain gives you a hit of “Happy brain juice”

You are a junkie! Your phone is the pusher! But make no bones about it .. you ARE addicted!

Brains awash in dopamine don’t really focus on the deep stuff! Brains awash in dopamine act like impulsive teens seeking only the very next hit!

And if you move through the day utterly distracted by your phone .. you can be busy, you can even feel pretty good … but you are not sending the time on that one project at a sufficient depth to create that breakthrough that you know you are capable of.

So .. on the days I am “project focused” or in “creativity mode” .. the phone gets parked outside the office so I am not tempted and an answerphone message left to let people know that its best to email and I will get back to them when I can .

Just one three hour session every week to do the creative stuff will pay massive dividends … so much so that I now have three sessions per week scheduled in my diary that are sacrosanct and may not be booked out by anyone else on the team!

“Your best investment is to be present!”

Find focus with your colleagues and your clients! As a coach I do masses of online connection sessions … and when I am in these sessions my goal is to be utterly connected!

No phones sitting out of screenshot – flashing their “Oh So Importanet” notifications at me!

No computer screen sitting open tempting me to sneakily  answer just the one more email whilst on the clock with one of my meentees.

A clear desk,  an ipad in a holder at eye level and a preprepared Mind Map of the content to be covered that day and space to record the amazing moments that happen when you truly connect one-to-one.

My mentors pay  lot of money to be coached by the Five Times World Champion . .they only get amazing results when I commit them 100% in my calls, really listen in, lean into the issues and work on solutions together.

To be present is the vey best investment we can both make in an amazing transformation.


“If you are a consumer of content .. its very difficult to be a creator of content”

This is one that I have been pondering a while.

Undoubtedly the world is moving more and more online these days .. and thankfully the technology is now available that we can connect on a much more human level than text-messages and email.

But as in every evolution of our working life there will be people who thrive and those who merely survive.

It has happened before.

They invented the printing press. Those who thrived could read .. thse who survived did not.

With computers – those who could use a keyboard thrived – those who resisted were left behind.

Now in the online digital world – those who thrive create original  and valuable content – those who  just survive are consumers of that content.

We are all focused on gaining attention from other people in an increasingly  distracted world.

So .. at some point you need to chose. To choose whether to be a creator of content or a consumer?

What is your strategy? It has to be more that just creation! There has to be a purpose, a narrative, a story arc! How are you gong to create amazingly innovative ways to reach out, create your own community and engage them fully if you are not present, if you are a distracted hot mess addicted to the dopamine hit from your phone and devices?

How are you going to keep connected to your spouse , your colleagues, your kids, your community?

You need the tools that enagage your creativity and clarify your thinking. You need to understand how your brain loves to operate at its best and work with that – rather than against.

So go . .create those moments in your week where you can focus on your message. Set aside your digital drug dealer for a while and access your brain’s amazing creative and intuitive capabilities by pulling out your coloured pens, some blank paper and Mind Mapping out the route make that takes you from your overwhelmed hot mess .. to a future you can be proud of!

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