Mind Maps for Making Your Mind up!

Undoubtedly one of the things that the really successful people in life that I have met have in common is the ability to make decisions really quickly .. with the caveat that if they find out that this decision is wrong they are very quick to pivot and make another.

The secret is – they weigh up the Pro’s and Con’s and come to a decision really fast!

Procrastination really sucks! It steals your energy, it keeps you from moving forward and eats up so many years of your life, so to find a system that allows you to quickly speed through the process of coming to a decision has been literally life-changing for me.

Of course – for me that process is a stripped down Mind Map – actually a Mind Map that only has two branches!

Of course … I start with a central image on the topic I am trying to come to a decision about. In this case … all about Moving House!

I then fling two main branches on there:

The first the Pros’ or positive reasons for moving house

The second the Con’s or the negatives about moving house.

Then I go to town – setting my thinking free to record as many on each side as I can within a 5 minute time frame. Remember I am trying to come to a decision here .. and quickly so I don’t want a Mind Map that can be built up over hours .. go in, get in done, make the decison and move on is the outcome!

Usually what happens is that you find you have many more concepts collected on one side than the other – you very clearly see that you have many more positives for moving than you have negatives for not moving. So you are moving .. go find that new house!

At the very least you now have a balanced list of everything that you need to consider in making your decision. You have all the data you need to come to a rational, logical decision .. so make it and move on!

Oh My-g-od! | Oh My-g-od!

Sometimes you will find that you have so many unanswered questions on one side or the other that what you realise is that you cannot come to an immediate decision because you don’t have enough data to make the call. FANTASTIC! Now you know .. you now have a project! Go do that research, answer those questions, and come back to the Making Your Mind Up Mind Map after you have done so.!

There are two secrets to this process. The first is simply to get it done! Stop ruminating about what you could / might / should do in your life .. pull out the technique and get to the point that you actually make the decision and you are ready to move forward.

The second … TAKE ACTION! AS soon as you have made the decision .. announce it, work out your next step and do it! Never leave the step of a descision without taking some concreate action twowards that goal.

So excuse me .. off to go look at what houses are for sale in my goal area!

Have fun! make decisions quickly and get on crafting that dream life that you deserve!

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