Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor Training – what do you learn?

This is – as you can well imagine one of the most frequently asked question when it come to our training … what exactly will you learn on our two day course?

Well the first thing to make quite clear – is that we consider this course to be the very beginning of your career as a Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor .. so no previous expertise or training in Mind Mapping is a requirement for joining us.  In fact we often find that real “beginners” end up being the most proficient as they have less “bad habits” to tweak to become excellent.

The first thing to state is that of course we  WILL be focusing on Mind Mapping in accordance with Tony Buzan’s original (and periodically revised) Laws of  Mind Maps. We focus on the “pen and paper” method and until we can identify a really good piece of software that is actually about Mind Mapping and not some other variation of Visual Thinking we won’t recommend any software app or package.

So that said .. what do we cover?


  • Introduction to Tony Buzan / Grandmaster Trainer
  • Outline of Day One
  • Why Mind Maps?
  • Human Language
  • The Most Important Graph in the World
  • Rules of Mind Mapping
  • First Practice
  • Importance of Breaks
  • Masterclass
  • Mind Maps for Memory
  • Recall After Learning
  • Mind Maps for Reading
  • Group Study
  • Book Blitz


  • Review Day One
  • Nominate / Recall Game
  • Day Two Outline
  • “M” Applications
  • Study
  • Review Most Important Graph
  • Review Recall After Learning
  • Ideal Study Hour
  • Myths of Mind Mapping
  • FAQs
  • Kaizen
  • Evaluating Mind Maps
  • TBLI Teaching practice
  • Resources and Support
  • Next Steps
  • Big Goal
  • Planning Mind Map
  • Presentations
  • Q & A Session
  • Graduation

So you can see – the course covers not only the components that will need in order to teach you very own “How to Mind Map” course but all the theory, neuroscience and a fair few marketing hooks that will help you move from being a student to a trainer.

Any questions – ask away… always happy to help XX

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    • Elaine Colliar says:

      Hi Ester – there is a new programme that has been created that is more appropriate for these Covid Days. You are part of my “Creating Family Challenge” Group so I will cover it in there with you later this week if you like? XX

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