So 20 minutes ago this happened ….

Phil Chambers (our Chief Arbiter and fellow Mind Mapping Expert) jumped on a call with me about twenty minutes ago.

Granted .. it was a planned zoom call to catch up with his travels last week in China where he taught a group of new Tony Buzan Licensed instructors) .. but by a happy accident .. this happened ….

Through our conversation about how the Chinese Mind Mappers have really stepped up their game we fell to musing about how we needed to spend some time focusing on the Arbiters for the Mind Mapping competitions .. about really solidifying with them the core marking scheme and making sure they really understand what makes a Mind Map truly great.

….. so we have committed to writing a new book!

A book for Competitors and Arbiters of Mind Mapping Competitions that takes them step by step through our “Paris Marking Scheme” showing them how they too could become a Mind Mapping World Champion.

Of course .. during our conversation we also agreed that we would extend the book by adding in a section about how exactly to Mind Map to begin with and a whole series of resources that could prove useful to people wanting to learn for themselves of teach others.

So I grabbed my marker pens and scribbled the scrappiest Mind Map in existence onto the whiteboard .. sketching out in the very broadest terms the outline for our book.

Because we understand that the best way to come up with a comprehensive plan we will leave this to brew overnight and fill out the detailed content at 10 am tomorrow .. leaving our subconscious plenty of gestation time to craft the “on target’ resources.

Its always really exciting to work on a project with Phil .. and you know why?

Because we know we have the skills between us to do this REALLY quickly . In fact we aim to have this launched as an e-book in just ten days time.

And then? Well then we will take this book out to our Tony Buzan Licensed Instructors and ask who is up for a quick translation job so that we can share the book as quickly as possible with as many languages as possible.

Keep you posted xxx

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