Mind Mapping Progress not Perfection

Mind Mapping progress not perfection has been a game-changer for me!


You see whenever you kick off a massive new project, set a humungeous goal or decide to pivot your life in some way your subconscious kind of kicks in to resist the change, to keep you safe by keeping you where you are .. to keep you tucked up nice and safe within that comfort zone!

But the reality is:

”Everything you desire lies just outside your comfort zone!”

If you think \it doesn’t then think a while with me! If you desire it it, it is because you don’t already have it .. you don’t already have it becasue you either truly don’t desire it or resistance has come into play to prevent you from having it!

If you think about it — its prety cool that our brain wants to protect us in this way , to keep us in the safe, the normal, the predicatable.

But when life itself is uncertain. When you need to pivot a business or massively change your life becasue of other forces that you can’t control then you need to  recognise that this brain pattern in play and put in place strategies that help you to overcome the feelings of helplessness, overwhelm and paralysis that lie just beyond the setting of a goal.

After all — the power lies not in just setting a goal but getting up, getting busy, taking action and persistently doing so until that goal is achieved.

Which is where my daily “Ta-Da!” Mind Map comes into play.

Every day in my daybook I keep a Mind Map tally of all the tasks that I have actually achieved to move me closer to my big goal.

Rather than write a “To-Do” list .. that I have found in the past often depresses me by making me focus on what I didn’t get done .. I have a “Ta-Da!” List which celebrates the things that DID get done!

I have realised that life is busy, its unpredicatable and as a busy single Mum there are times when other people’s priorities simply don’t chime with mine! If one of my kids is sick, needs a trip to hospital or there if a family emergency comes into play .. then my list for that day may just have to be set aside.

It doesn’t make me a bad business builder ,, it makes me a good Mum!

So I focus on the things that are helping me make progress. Every step towards the big goal is one step closer to that goal being accomplished!

I measure progress over time .. cos the reality is that those “overnight sucesses’ that your read about are just people who have set really big goals and been really diligent about following through and taking action.

So build a habit that rewards taking action!

Celebrate the progress!

The rest of the list can wait and you will get around to it just as soon as you possibly can when you are juggling everything else in your life!

As long as you keep moving forward!

As long as forward momentum is rewarded .. and not countered with a “sure look at the 300 things you did today .. but look at the 7 you ddn’t do!”  Guess where your focus ends up? Guess what you end up obsessing on? And suddenly all your forward motion now feels like a negative thing.

But a “Wow! Look at the 300 things I did today” as a snapshot in itself moves you away from focusing on what didn’t get achieved and continues to build your positive self belief that this goal is yours fo the taking .. with just a few more days, weeks, months of taking action just ike the day that has gone.

None of us are perfect .. but we can all make progress!

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