Is Mind Mapping a Daily Habit?

I am often asked is “Mind Mapping a Daily Habit”?


Which (depending on the tone the question is asked in ) I take one of two ways.:

The first is a question of curiosity: Is this technique so utterly life-changing that you have incorporated it into your daily routine and you now use it as a matter of course to manage your daily affairs?


The second is much more combative: Are you just another trainer trying to hype us about your technique in the hope that we will buy your own version of the “snake oil?”

One Question – two answers!

As you can imagine – the same question in such utterly different ways elicits two very different responses…. one opens up a whole conversation about Mind Maps and the multiple different uses you can put them to .. the other usually results in a swift conclusion to the conversation (I am aware that I am in a very privileged position that I don’t need to convince anyone of the benefits of Mind Mapping. I can choose instead just to work with those who seek the increase in creativity, clarity, and productivity that are just a few of the benefits that acquiring the technique brings forth)

The reality however is this.!Yes! I Mind Map EVERY day .. its the tool that so utterly integrated into my everyday life and that of my family than when we reach for a tool to complete a task this is the one we reach for.


Yesterday looked a little like this:

  • I create my Daily “Get to Do Lists”
  • I keep my journal
  • I plan my Goals
  • I create my Dream Life Book
  • I draft shopping lists
  • I outline Blog Posts
  • I complete homework with my boys
  • I plan books
  • I take meeting notes
  • I record my daydreams
  • I capture amazing conversations with coaches
  • I create Action plans full of purpose
  • I learn new technical skills (yesterday was funnel software)
  • I take notes from live and online presentations
  • I create my next 90 Days business plan
  • I break down my marketing goals to daily actionable steps
  • I write in a gratitude journal
  • I plan dream holidays with my boys
  • I outline the content of my next book

The Magic Three!

I actually carry different books around with to record Mind Maps for different purposes.

The patterned book on the bottom is my daily journal – normally it lives next to the sofa in my living room where I spend some time in quiet contemplation and a cup of something soothing before heading to bed every night. I record things that have gone well, things I could have handled better, and things I should like to get to the next day.

The black book is my “Business Engine” where I record the ideas, thoughts, plans, and goals for my business so that I can always find them when I am in need of inspiration. Normally it lives right on my desk where I can grab it and record a flash of brilliance in a moment.

The pretty blue book is my “life book” – where I set and plan for my personal life goals. It sits on my bedside table so that I can read it immediately before bed and wake with remarkable blasts of creative clarity that I can record immediately without scrabbling for pen and paper.

I  think its safe to say that I do not go a day without Mind Mapping – why would I when I have access and full information about such a remarkable tool that works perfectly with how my brain love to process, makes memorable and long-lasting learning experiences and fits so perfectly into my sometimes crazy, very productive, fast and exciting life?

What is even more wonderful is that my children have grown up with Mind Mapping surrounding them at all times – they naturally gravitate to using this tool when they need to learn. remember, explore, or plan. To have modelled that in their lives has been the biggest honour in mine X


2 thoughts on “Is Mind Mapping a Daily Habit?

  1. Morag Miller Thompson says:

    Thanks Elaine, great reminder of the many day to day applications of mind mapping, and that its uses extend into everyday and family life – and that so brilliantly models it as an effortless tool for younger members of the family.

    • Elaine Colliar says:

      Yes – so easy for theme to access .. so much so that I often feel we are working under drifts of Mind Maps when we are in full flow X

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