Mind Map for Massive Productivity

My most important Mind Map for the day is my “Mind Map for the 90/90/1 Rule” to create a massive productivity burst every morning.

It’s been the single most important Mind Map that I create on a daily basis that allows me to really focus on what is important for me to achieve EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The methodology is very simple .. you get up early … and before you do ANYTHING ELSE you spend the first 90 minutes of the next 90 days working on your “One Thing”, the most important thing that will drive your business/life/goals forward in the most meaningful way.

No emails, no social media, no news .. just straight into creating my best life instead!

Right now I am in a development season with my training business -pivoting majorly from the whole “hop on a plane, deliver a presentation, receive applause” model of the last decade and instead, I am focusing on “Reaching and Teaching” many more people how to develop their beautiful brains in this time of lockdown.

I decided that if we cannot travel to meet then I would use the tools in my hand to reach out and teach so many more people all around the world .. asking for their permission to spend some time together online and creating massive long-lasting value.

This reminds me – if you would like to hang out with me during the day, have access to free training content, Mind Mapping challenges, and get your questions answered direct .. join our Facebook group where I am sure the thriving community will make you very welcome!


So my 90/90/1 mission every morning looks a little like this:


I get up every morning and I look at the plan I have made before I left my desk the previous evening. It is so much easier to be at your desk at 7 am and being productive if you don’t have to expend energy in those morning hours making decisions but can instead just dive straight in and create

I write TWO blog posts every morning  – one for my “Mind Mapping Community” and the other for a frugal living community that has been my support and inspiration for many years.

It’s easy to write these because the decision about what to write was taken the evening before and I can ponder the content as I cook dinner, clean up and do the bedtime routine with my kids.

I find that with a definite title .. the content is so much easier to create.

Because I am in the “reaching” phase of my business development of course I then shoot off to create all the social media assets that I will need to “market” the posts on social media throughout the day.

Priority, of course, goes to the private Facebook Groups and although I Iwill drop a link to the post in there I will very often use the post as a piece of “live training” during the day if it’s relevant (so another quick Mind Map is created as a “script” for the points I would love to cover) .. or if someone else has done training on the technique that I find amazing then I will drop that in too.

Of course .. twitter, Facebook feeds, Instagram, and LinkedIn all get specifically curated posts created as part of the process.

By 8.30 I am pretty much ready to press “Post” and the biggest, most important, and systematic part of my day is done and deployed. I then have time for breakfast with my kids before the “working day” begins at 9 am.

Now I am not saying that the rest of the day is a breeze! But with the foundation building stuff out of the way I have a day to coach, to teach, to interact with my growing community, and work on my other significant projects that need my unbroken attention.

With the “one thing” done and dusted I can give people the time, the attention, and the tailored coaching that they need to create massive shifts in their own lives.

So if you think this might be a strategy you might like to blend into your life – listen to Robin Sharma, the expert himself!

Laters X



One thought on “Mind Map for Massive Productivity

  1. Barbara says:

    I really like this idea, although some thinking will be needed to see how I can put it into practice at the moment. I try to be at my desk for the day job between 6:30 and 7 (so the boy can have the internet as early as possible in the afternoon) and the agenda there is pretty much fixed, although this has flagged up potential for improvements. I’m actually more interested in the 90/90/1 for goals outside of work, but I really would struggle to find 90 minutes before work and I’m not at my best before 6:30, anyway. I’ll sleep on it. 🙂

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