How Do you Put a Price on Transformation?

How do you put a price on transformation?


If, like me, you are providing a service that can utterly transform the future of people that you are working with – how do you put a monetary amount on that changed life?

How much is it worth over a lifetime to take a struggling student and transform them into a “Straight-A, Top Flight University Scholarship, six-figure job offer before graduating” learning machine?

How much is it worth to take the dyslexic business-man and over a weekend teach him a strategy to unleash his creativity, plan his first business book, and launch and GET IT DONE?

How much is it worth to teach Teachers in the state system of many countries the skills of Mental Literacy – of how to use Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading not only in their own studies but in their teaching practice .. what is the monetary amount on the transformation that happens not only in their lives but the lives of every student that the touch over a lifetime as an educator?

  • What can you charge for inspiring change?
  • What can you charge for collapsing time and helping people achieve their goals in months rather than years? 
  • What can you charge for equipping students for a world of work that has not even been invented yet?
  • What indeed?

The reality is that you cannot possibly charge what these transformations are worth in monetary terms!

Our businessman is indeed on his way to a best-selling book! He is planning a six-figure launch that will position him as the thought-leader in his own particular industry. the book will open doors to many more opportunities, Joint Ventures, Business Deals and contacts that will likely generate his business millions of pounds of additional revenue.

And although I have the skills and the tools to set him on that trajectory .. if I were to charge a million pounds for every business leader to create their very first book I am sure that I would have very few takers right out of the trap.

But once a student of mine has been through the process – has lived through the transformation it is reaping the rewards .. oh what wonderful advocates they then become for others to work for me in high ticket coaching situations.

So .. I can’t put a fair price on the transformation! But I can charge a fair price for my time. I know the results I can have with my students and how I can accelerate their goals and dreams by providing them with a solid base to acquire, manipulate, remember and iterate information in their lives and their businesses. Being able to creatively find solutions and quickly implement them is invaluable in today’s fast-moving business world.

Some don’t see it .. they see only the Ticket Price .. and balk!

Some do see it .. and see the opportunity and then the conversation becomes: n


Those who understand that the opportunity ahead of them is priceless .. and that investing their precious resources of energy, time, focus and indeed money is the trade-off they have to get o work with and achieve their goals in less time, with less stress and more fun!

People who see only the “cost” and not the “investment” are much less likely to succeed quickly in their goals.

  • Smart people understand that excellence is important.
  • Smart people understand that mastery is necessary.
  • Smart people know that the quickest route is through mentoring
  • Smart people look at the outcome and appreciate the journey
  • Smart people have a burning desire to collapse time and achieve quickly.

They understand that the only fair trade that we can have in this transformative process is an exchange of money for my time with them.

So my time is valued very highly in monetary terms because it is valued very highly by the people who work alongside me and get the transformations that they desire.

I am content with that, those who commit to working alongside me are too .. those who wonder at the value are not yet ready to step alongside me to generate the transformation in their lives that they may desire but are not yet committed to achieving.

The “Ticket-price” for me acts as a filter to weed out those for whom this is not the right time .. when the time is right my door is of course always open to take them faster and further than they could ever dream!

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