Free Online Coaching


Hey! I realise that not everyone has the time or the budget to take part in live training events – yes ..remember when we used to be able to hop on a plane and head off to take part in conferences and summits? For years that has been my job – as the Five Times World Mind Mapping Champion I had a pretty full-on diary of events to attend and seminars to lead.

Now don’t get me wrong .. I kind of miss these events, but when I sat down and was really honest about it all it wasn’t the whole hopping on a plane, sleeping at a hotel, being treated like a “Training Superstar” wherever I went … it was the “light-bulb moments”

The moments here I would be stepping through an important piece of my training and suddenly you could see everyone in the audience begin to have that flash of clarity, that moment where everything suddenly made sense and their entire view of the world and what was possible for them changed.

Mind Maps became the tool with which I could see them dreaming and achieving wonderful new possibilities for their lives!

That is the thing that is worth all those endless hours in transit, the stress of connecting flights, strange seatmates, empty hotel rooms, mediocre room-service and of course being away from my two wonderful boys.

Then – of course. Covid-19 hit and the world went home!

And I had time to think .. and look at my diary of postponed committments .. and make some decisions about how I wanted to live my life and how I wanted to bring massive value to a world that is going to look very different in the years to come.

I could take the easy route out – and spend my time writing books as my publisher and agent would like .. but writing is a solitary job, its hard and lonely when its just you and a blinking cursor on a white screen.

And when you write you don’t get to see the “Light-bulb Moments”; you don’t get to talk about Mind Maps with people passionately interested in maximising their benefits in their lives; you don’t get to cheer on your students, celebrate their wins and refocus them when they fall!

In short – you don’t get to be the kind of coach that makes all the hours on the road worthwhile.

So I jumped all in. I committed 100% to an online life .. but with MASSIVE caveats! I still wanted to be able to reach out and teach around the world. I wanted to continue to do the face-to-face high impact stuff that transforms.

I wanted a place where people could choose to spend their most precious resources (their time and their attention) and hang out and be truly coached by someone who has benefited so much in her life by acquiring this skill and wants to share it with the whole darn planet! So it needed to be cost effective for people wherever they were on the planet.

So the private Facebook group was spawned.

Weekly training sessions .. FOR FREE!

Weekly Open Office Coaching Sessions – FOR FREE!

Access to the World Champions to critique your Mind Maps and coach you to excellence – FOR FREE!

And do you know what .. I LOVE IT!!! Its so much fun hanging out online with people motivated to take action in their lives, to learn skills that will create generational change; to create from the confusion of Covid-19 a bright siny new, compelling future for themselves.

So .. the invite is here .. come and play if you’d like to join our Mind Mapping Movement of people who want to look back at these uncertain times as “The time it all changed for me!”

Click the button .. and know that you will be made very welcome!