A Mind Map® is a visual representation of an idea or subject and associated component parts, using a creative and intuitive process to develop and structure thoughts in a radiant, hierarchical and memorable way. Devised by psychologist Tony Buzan in the 1970s, it improves upon earlier learning techniques such as ‘spider diagrams’, ‘concept maps’ and ‘sun bursting’, by structuring ideas to form a tree-like visual image.

Starting with an image at the centre of a page – representing the central concept of the Mind Map®

– branches radiate outwards showing various ideas relating to the main subject.

Using colour ……….

single words and images or symbols, a highly visual graphic ‘map’ is produced,

highlighting not only the information and its sub-themes, but also the connections and relationships between the ideas.

All Mind Maps® are different – which is one of the key reasons why they are so effective. However, they follow an established format and principles which work in harmony with how the brain functions. Following these guidelines, you can learn how to use the Mind Mapping® technique to improve your creativity, take more effective notes, and boost your problem solving skills.