Packing up for Competition

Packing my bags at the moment – ready to head off to London on Wednesday for two days of Competitions and hanging out with some of the smartest (and funniest) people on the planet.

The boxes above .. some of the kit I am taking so that I can livestream to facebook if I can get good enough Wifi from our venue .. so utterly and geeky excited!!

On Thursday morning we have the UK National Speed Reading Competition – and this year even I don’t know what the book is. Our competitors are given a book – asked to read it as fast as they can and then answer questions as accurately as possible.

It is mesmerising watching them flick through the books at double quick speed.

Thursday afternoon sees the UK National Mind Mapping Competition – two Mind Maps in four hours! The first is a “live-time” Mind Map taken from a secret speaker (I know who the speaker is as they are a friend of mine – but no spoilers as they are pretty well known and I wouldn’t want anyone to sneak off and do any research to get an edge)

The second Mind Map of the day is a “Creative Mind Map” – one that comes from anything that you can imagine in your head.

And yes! we have a way of marking Mind Maps and designating a winner – and I can’t wait to see what they produce.

Friday is reserved for a full day of Memory Competition – its along hard slog for the competitors as they work through multiple disciplines .. and for the arbiters who have to accurately mark every single digit on every single sheet!

Better go – bags to pack – lists to tick

Elaine X

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