I am struggling today – too may things whizzing around my head and a slightly panicky feel that everything is in too much chaos to come up with a strategic plan.

I know what this means for me – it means that my environment is getting too cluttered for me to concentrate …. at the same time I am a busy Mum!! Hell’s teeth I don’t have time to step away from a High-Growth Start-up to declutter a family home!!!

Sadly one of the less than glorious things about working from your home office is that .. well you work from home and never really leave the office!

I have to-do lists, 90 day plans, marketing activity, relationship building … and Breathe!!!

The thing is .. if I do nothing .. then I will begin to stress, I will begin to worry, I will begin to lose sleep!!! Grrrrrrr!

So… decision was made to find the MVP (Minimum Viable Proposition). This is normally a strategy used in business to create a very rough version of a product to test it in the marketplace to prove it works.

In my case .. today it was about finding the smallest satisfying area that I could bring from chaos to calm to enable me to find my focus for the rest of the day.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you – the cupboard of doom!  The tall cupboard in my hallway that houses all of our cleaning materials, First Aid boxes, extra appliances .. you know .. the “everything else that needs a home” cupboard!!

OMG! – right?

Please don’t click on the photo to enlarge it – I am truly ashamed at the mess that is lurking behind the door. Betcha you have got your own cupboard / drawer that looks just like this one anyway?

So armed with a litre of water, a recycling bin, cleaning bucket and bin bags .. and a timer set for 60 minutes I set work .. with the aim of tossing / recycling half the contents of the cupboard, cleaning it and setting it to rights!.

And its amazing what can be done when you are on a deadline!!

A whole host of medicines taken back to the pharmacist – and the recycling bin topped up before getting dragged to the kerb for later collection.

Everything stacked neatly and popped back into its place!  Even better when the big one came down to have his morning shower he sorted through his box of toiletries, tossed the empties and stacked everything away again … so now the bathroom looks even clearer!

Listen! – I know in the scale of a family home one cupboard is not going to make a massive difference .. but today when I have felt myself wavering I have nipped the ten steps from my desk to this cupboard, opened the door, peeked in, metaphorically patted myself on the back and headed back to my desk feeling more organised and in control.

Nanny Ogg would call it “headology” .. I know that its a trick – but I also know it works!

Instinctively I know that in order to make space for big goals in the future you have to clear what is holding you back .. and in my case my immediate environment plays a really large part in that.

But I have started .. and that is what is important! And now the plans are flowing off my fingers and onto the Mind Maps ready for the team at tomorrow’s meeting.

What about you – do you ever feel the need to clear the decks before you attempt a big project?

10 thoughts on “Making Space for the Future”

  1. I always have to a clear head and clear and tidy environment before I start any project. Sometimes it means that projects get rescheduled or indefinitely delayed because I haven’t yet got around to clearing.

    It’s great to see that you still set the timer to do some work. I still do too. I tend to work on 15 or 30 minutes at a time, I’m better with shorter timeframes.

    Or if it comes to ironing, I set myself very achievable goals such as either iron 10 items off the trot or 5 items then put away then continue with 5 items then put away. I guess it depends on how many steps I have to try and smash that day or if I have enough energy!

    1. Yes – still work best in short sessions with a definite ending to work towards. Drives my office mates mad when I have a day of beeping alarms cos they understand I am having a productive day X

  2. Always ! If I don’t clear clutter it really holds me back and I can’t concentrate on a new project . So I try to organise two things per day. That could be 2 bags to the charity shop, 2 small cupboards, or I might iron 2 small load of same size items say shirts or t shirts this helps me focus more as I think I’m on top of everything else x

  3. When the kids left home one bedroom became the office. I live in the US so if our healthcare didn’t send me mail everyday, my bill would be in half. I just need to start. The paperwork is unbelievable and need to keep it because of taxes at the end of the year. I may never finish.

  4. Completely agree, and one of many reasons I can’t work from home, can hear the clutter and tidying/cleaning calling and then I procrastinate big style.

    1. I hear you – although I am aware that as single Mum being in the house office to work saves me a fortune in commuting, childcare and so on .. I also get to enjoy lunch with the wee red head every day as he still has home lunches X

  5. My whole house is like that at the moment! Currently trying to empty the kitchen before having a new kitchen fitted but the rest of the house was already a pigsty and is slowly getting worse instead of better! The plan for the holidays was to have a complete declutter but then the kitchen has come up so that’s become a priority instead!

  6. Okay. This is where your hiding. I been over to the old blog so many times and come away disappointed. It’s difficult being a luddite in this age of technology.

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